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Conversation Starters: Plastic in the Oceans

Here are some fun questions to kickstart an eco-convo with your kids about the impact of plastics in the ocean. Q: Did you know, the word ‘plastic’ has its roots in the Greek word ‘plastikos,’ what do you think it means? A: Plastikos translates into ‘capable of being molded or shaped’. Q: Now, look around…

Eco friendly kids clothing order online

7 Videos That Explain Climate Change to Kids

We pulled together 7 great resources for teaching kids about climate change in a way that is engaging and impactful. 1. Climate Change: Crash Course Kids #41.2 How does climate change? And what happens to environments and ecosystems when it does? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina shows us the effects that climate…

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5 Tips to Make Your Next Party a Green Party!

Having a ‘we haven’t seen each other for over a year’ party with family and friends? Make it a GREEN party! With these simple swaps, it’s easy!  Instead of plastic plates and utensils use regular plates and utensils! Or if you’re after an easy clean up, use compostable plates and utensils.  Instead of plastic cups,…

Eco friendly kids sweatshirts order online

Welcome to Kat Kid Mail!

It was a tough year for all of us. But we had Kat Mail to spread cheer and smiles around the US! We asked 10 people to write a thoughtful message for their mom or grocery store clerk or frontline worker or mail carrier – someone who they couldn’t live without but don’t always say…

Eco friendly kids sweatshirts order online

Kat Kids for Earth Day!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Kat Kids ‘Do It Write’ Earth Day Writing Contest. We loved seeing what kids are going to do to make our planet a better place. Congrats to our winners! You can download your very own coloring sheets here. Ira Nihara Sebastian We were so inspired by all the…

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