Join us for a fun-filled, 4-session eco-workshop on how to go plastic-free and protect our oceans from plastic pollution. Kids learn how to sort waste, design their own eco-hero tote bag, create posters to spread awareness of ocean plastic pollution, and even learn to host a waste-free birthday party – all through fun, art, and games!

Ages: 6-10 years

Learners: 1-8 learners per session

Time: 60 minutes

Platform: Zoom

Price: $35


  • To learn about climate, climate change and its impacts on our lives
  • To realize what we can do to help and how to make our voices heard
  • To inspire kids to make a change and create a climate message to share with the world


Kids will get an age appropriate crash course in all things climate!

Kids will learn what climate is, how it’s changing, what factors are causing climate change to accelerate and how it impacts our daily lives. We will have an interactive discussion about the importance of individual actions and how kids can share their message with the world.

Each kid will identify their own personal key environment message, draw that on their brand new Kat Kid Adventure Tote Bag and be empowered to make a change!

  • Computer or tablet with Zoom
  • Fabric markers like this
  • Cardboard or magazine, something to put inside your tote bag when drawing (to prevent leaking to the other side)
  • Kat Kid Adventure Tote Bag (we will send this to you)

The adventure doesn’t stop after our session! After the class, you’ll receive an email with:

  • A printable Kat Kid To Do Checklist to guide kids on their eco journey and remember their environmental pledge
  • A Climate 101 Conversation Guide for parents to help continue the eco discussion at home



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