What is Kat Kid Adventure?  

Kat Kid Adventure is lifestyle brand based in California. We collaborate with parents and educators to design conscious products and workshops to teach and inspire kids to take climate action. 

How are you different from other kids brands?

We don’t just make kids things just so they can have more tees or another water bottle. Our products tell stories. Using quirky artwork, they educate kids about the state of our planet and inspire them to create a positive change in their life to help!  

How do you pick your stories? 

We carefully select our planet stories based on what kids are interested in and that highlights a tangible environmental issue. Our first collection is about plastic in the ocean. Kids can see that plastic that they use and the plastic that ends up in our oceans. It’s easy for them to understand the issue and be inspired to make a change! 

What age groups do you work with? 

We work with kids in elementary school on eco adventures learning. Because kids are born with an innate love for nature. And we want to harness this passion to raise awareness about the impact of our actions on the environment and help them to learn positive eco-habits right from the start. Our mission is to raise a generation of eco champs. 

How do you pick your products? 

We choose the most sustainable, everyday objects that kids need. We started with just tees and now have a range of kids apparel and gear, including reusable water bottles and tote bags!

How are your clothes made? 

Our clothes are 100% certified organic cotton, made in proper working conditions, with no child labor and 100% PETA Approved Vegan! 

How do we use your products? 

Each Kat Kid Adventure product comes with a handy Kat Kid Guide to help parents start a conversation with their kiddos about the topic. Whether you’re at the park, on a hike or reading a bedtime story, the Kat Kid Guide is there to serve as an easy conversation starter!

Why don’t you have a boys/girls section? 

All of our products are products for kids. Kids can decide what animals and stories that they want to wear, simple as that.

How does Kat Kid Adventure give back? 

At Kat Kid Adventure, we use our profits to host and support eco-educational workshops for kids across the country! Because the learning doesn’t just happen when you buy a product. 

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