objectives OF climate change facts for kid


Climate change facts for kid – Learn all things climate, how it’s changing, how it impacts our lives and what will happen in the future if we don’t act now. Become a ZERO Hero by joining the Race To Zero campaign and sharing your vision for a better planet by telling world leaders at COP26 what you want ZERO of!

Ages: 6-18 years

Learners: 1-100 learners per session

Time: 60 minutes

Platform: Zoom

Price:  Free!

objectives OF climate change facts for kid

  • To learn about climate, climate change and its impacts on our lives
  • To realize what we can do to help and how to make our voices heard
  • To inspire kids to make a change and create a climate message to share with the world


Kids will get an age appropriate crash course in all things climate!

Climate change facts for kid – Kids will learn what climate is, how it’s changing, what factors are causing climate change to accelerate and how it impacts our daily lives. We will have an interactive discussion about the importance of individual actions, what COP26 is, why it’s important and how kids can share their message with the world leaders.

COP26 is the most important climate summit since the Paris Climate Agreement. And at Kat Kid Adventure, we are collaborating with Race To Zero, a United Nations-backed global campaign to amplify kids and youth voices to world leaders at the summit. 

Each kid will identify what they want ZERO of that will create a bluer, greener and healthier planet. They’ll create a poster either online or on-paper then upload to our website to share with the world!

Learn more on our #RaceToZero campaign page

  • Computer or tablet with Zoom
  • Download the campaign essay or drawing from our website. Print it out if you would like.
  • If doing the activity on paper, have markers ready.

The adventure doesn’t stop after our session! After the class:

  • We will share each poster on our Race to Zero page
  • We will share each poster with the Race to Zero team


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