Eco friendly throw a green party

5 Tips to Make Your Next Party a Green Party!

Having a ‘we haven’t seen each other for over a year’ party with family and friends? Make it a GREEN party! With these simple swaps, it’s easy! 

  1. Instead of plastic plates and utensils use regular plates and utensils! Or if you’re after an easy clean up, use compostable plates and utensils. 
  2. Instead of plastic cups, ask your party guests to bring their own reusable bottles or cups. 
  3. Instead of plastic confetti, make your own leaf confetti with leaves and a paper hole punch. 
  4. Instead of plastic decorations, use what you have at home already or what nature might be growing for you! 
  5. Instead of plastic gift bags, make your own from newspaper or recycled wrapping paper.

Need some more decorations? How about some hand colored artwork! Download our coloring sheets, decorate and display!

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