A Tip From Our Friends, SEA Kids Alliance

We’re collaborating with climate and ocean experts, who also happen to be awesome parents, to share practical, trusted advice on how families can connect with and help our planet.

We asked Kasey and Sharon from @SEAKidsAlliance, what advice they would give to kids who want to help our oceans. Enjoy this #EcoTip collab with @SEAKidsAlliance. 🤩

Eco Tip From Our Friends, SEA Kids Alliance

Eco Tip: Use your VOICE!

Want to help the world’s oceans? Using your VOICE is one of the easiest ways you can help! It can make a huge difference in influencing others (including policy makers) to protect our oceans.

#DidYouKnow: YOU can be that someone!

In 2013, sisters Melati (12 years) and Isabel Wijsen (10 years) started @byebyeplasticbags (BBPB) in their hometown of Bali, Indonesia, when they noticed their beautiful beaches and oceans were being suffocated by single use plastic.

They constantly asked, “What is someone going to do about this”? The sisters realized THEY can be that someone! So they organized talks, petitions, clean ups and marches! In 2019, all their effort paid off when Bali banned plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam!

Today, BBPB has become a global movement with over 50 BBPB teams established across the world. They now use their VOICES on an International level and discuss issues with global leaders!

Melati and Isabel are an incredible source of inspiration and an excellent example of how youth empowerment and using your VOICE can have significant positive impact on our oceans.

Ways to Use YOUR Voice


Tell friends and family about the wonders of the ocean. The more you learn the more inspired you will be! If you can inspire others, we can have more people helping to protect our oceans!


Make an effort to choose your purchases carefully. Say NO to single use plastics and ocean souvenirs such as shells, coral and items made out of turtle shell.

Instead shop at thrift stores or recycle items already in your home. Ask for an experience or even ‘adopt a coral’ rather than receiving toys for your birthday and holidays.


Ask grown-ups to help save the oceans. Ask the hard questions! Remind them to do simple things like turn off the lights, recycle their rubbish and ride bikes instead of taking the car.


Make a banner and join a protest. You will be getting out into nature and also making a difference! If you can’t make it to a protest, write a letter of support instead.

Join The Race

For #COP26, you can voice your opinions directly to world leaders and share what you want to be ZERO for a cleaner, bluer and greener planet on @katkidadventure’s website.

We would love to see ways you have used your VOICE! Share your messages online and tag @SEAKidsAlliance and @KatKidAdventure!

For inspiration and to be a part of a generation of change makers follow @youthtopia.world!

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