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Charades for the Oceans: Kat Insta Challenge

For World Oceans Day 2020, we paid homage to the oceans by getting everyone, kids and parents, to act out their favorite sea-creature and ACT FOR THE OCEANS!

You can check out all of the amazing videos we received on our Insta Stories.

Still want to play? Join us!

Start your 10-20 second vertical video with “Which sea-creature am I?,” then act like your fav sea creature and end with your big reveal, “Times up! Did you guess? I am a ______!” 

Post your video on Instagram and tag us @katkidadventure. We will feature your video on our Insta Stories!

Ready to play some ocean charades? Let the fun begin!

Sea Creatures Ideas:

  1. Giant Pacific Octopus
  2. Blue Whale
  3. Puffer Fish
  4. Blue Fin Tuna
  5. Great White Shark
  6. Bottlenose Dolphin
  7. Arctic Seal
  8. Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  9. Vaquita
  10. Angler Fish
  11. Steller Sea Lion
  12. Hammerhead Shark
  13. Coral
  14. Manatee
  15. Sea Otter
  16. Beluga Whale
  17. Walrus
  18. Killer Whale
  19. Short Tailed Albatross
  20. African penguin

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