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Kat Kid Adventure Post: Eco News for Eco Heroes, Earth Day 2022

This Earth Day, we are thrilled to publish the second edition of the Kat Kid Adventure Post, an eco-magazine for kids filled with fun facts, games and inspiring stories. The 2022 edition celebrates amazing eco-actions by countries, cities and citizens from around the world.

Designed to inspire fun climate conversations at home and in classrooms, the 8 tabloid style pages of fun includes:

  • Page 2 features the story behind Earth Day starting way back in 1962.
  • Page 3 covers the amazing achievements of the 2021 Glasgow Climate Pact.
  • Pages 4 & 5 explore actions countries are taking to save our planet.
  • Page 6 spotlights stories of inspiring young global Eco Heroes.
  • Pages 7 & 8 are packed with word games and activities, all designed to kickstart fun eco action!

To add to the celebration, we have partnered with the amazing Cloud Project, a youth education organization to host in-person and online Earth Day workshops based on the magazine.

Elementary school kids will learn about the history of Earth Day, the significance of collective action and how they can make a difference through good eco habits. All through fun and games!

The best part: All these resources are available to you for FREE!

Drop your email to get an early digital copy of the Kat Kid Adventure Post 2022 edition and book an Earth Day workshop.

Check out last year’s magazine and what kids, parents and teachers had to say about it.

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