Kat Kid Adventure Post: Eco News for Eco Champs, Earth Day 2021

To support Earth Day activities in schools  and encourage conversations at home,  we published our first eco magazine for kids: Kat Kid Adventure Post: Eco News for Eco Champs.

The Earth Day edition, packed with eco learning, inspiring activities and games, was designed as an easy way for kids, parents and educators to talk about the state of the environment and climate change.

The digital version was free. Schools could request an Educators Guide and a downloadable PDF copy to print on their own or purchase printed magazines for their students.

Kids, parents and even teachers from across the country love it…

  • “I loved the booooookkkkkk…” – Anoushka, 9
  • “I liked how the inspirational stories of kids changing the environment.” – Utah student, 11
  • “This newsletter gets a thumbs up!” – Matilda, 7
  • “This is such an awesome way to talk about climate change at home! It’s like highlights for all things environment.” – Maia, mom
  • “Anything we can do “off screens” I find so valuable.” – Rachel, mom
  • “I really enjoyed reading this. The formatting is engaging and I love the magazine style. Most importantly, kids enjoy this format quite a lot because it’s different than what they are used to in a school setting. It is a wonderful combination of content as well as fun activities (crossword, coloring, etc.). The content is high quality and I think teachers and kids will enjoy using this.” – Kendall, Grade 5 teacher
  • “A lovely bundle of facts and activities! The eco mag enables a teacher to use this newsletter to engage students in meaningful discussions on various current eco-topics! I’m sure we will have more Eco Champs in the future! Interactive and creative!” – Kavitha, science teacher.


In the Kat Kid Adventure Post…

  • Page 2 features the story behind the first Earth Day, way back in 1970.
  • Page 3 covers all the amazing achievements of Earth Day from then until now.
  • Pages 4 & 5 are packed with word games and puzzles and activities, all designed to inspire eco-learning for kids.
  • Page 6 has a fun coloring sheet.
  • Page 7 features stories of Eco Champs from around the world to show it’s never too early to take eco action.
  • And Page 8 wraps it up with a celebration for President Biden for rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

More reviews and photos are available upon request.

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