Earth Week 2021 With Fairmeadow Elementary School

Earth Week 2021: Think Global, Act Local with Fairmeadow Elementary School

Kat Kid Adventure partnered with Fairmeadow Elementary to turn Earth Day into an Earth Week 2021 celebration for K-5 students during the week of April 18th.

The goal was to use Earth Day as a teaching moment to educate and inspire kids to learn about the environment and kick start their eco journey.

Titled “Think Global, Act Local,” we curated interactive Earth Week activities and resources for the students, teachers and parents alike. Each day had a theme to take kids through  important and timely environmental topics.

  • Monday: Global warming and how it’s affecting people all over the world
  • Tuesday: Explore how climate affects communities differently
  • Wednesday: Uncover our own plastic use and how it impacts our world
  • Thursday/Friday: Learn how to upcycle, turning trash to treasure
  • Weekend: Understand how our choices affect the health of ecosystems

The programming was shared and adopted by schools in the Palo Alto School District. 

We kickstarted the week with a conversation with Tim Guinee, actor and climate activist, hosted by our founder. Titled, Our Changing Climate and Its Impact For Our Kids, the presentation provided a truthful account of the state of the planet, and was followed by an uplifting and inspiring discussion that got kids thinking about what they can do in their own homes and schools.

91 individuals from 40 families representing 6 different schools joined the hour long conversation.

To support Earth Day activities in schools, we published our first eco magazine for kids: Kat Kid Adventure Post: Eco News for Eco Champs.

The Earth Day edition, packed with eco learning, inspiring activities and games, was designed as an easy way for kids, parents and educators to talk about the state of the environment and climate change.

The digital version was free, educators could request a downloadable PDF copy to print on their own or purchase printed magazines for their students.

We’re thrilled to note that the Kat Kid Adventure Post became a premiere Earth Day resource for classrooms in 7 schools across California, Utah, Montana and New York! It included an Educators Guide for teachers to utilize in their classroom discussions.

Learn more about our eco-programs here.

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