Sip Don’t Suck Kat Kid Sweatshirt


What’s the story on the tee?

The plastic stuff we use and throw, like straws, chocolate wrappers, bottles, forks and spoons, ends up in the ocean. When plastic enters the ocean it breaks down into teeny tiny bits of micro-plastic, which the fish eat… then we eat the fish! Ewwwww!!!

Every Kat Kid Adventure product is a conversation starter.

Every Kat Kid Sweatshirt comes with a fun eco-activity pack with relevant facts to enable a credible and fun eco-conversation with your kids, family, neighbors, best friend or a stranger at the park!

Your kids will love that show-and-tell just became wear-and-tell! We make wearing Kat Kid Sweatshirts an experience!

Fabric: 100% certified organic cotton
Fair Trade: Made in proper working conditions, with no child labor
Vegan: 100% PETA Approved Vegan

Care: Cold machine wash (max 30°C or 90°F). Wash with similar colors, do not iron on the design, wash and iron on the wrong side.

Wast instructions for DTG apparel




3-4 YEARS, 5-6 YEARS, 7-8 YEARS, 9-11 YEARS, 12-14 YEARS



Sizing Chart

SIZES (AGE)3/45/67/89/1112/14
Half chest3537394346
Body length424651.557.561


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Eco Friendly Sweatshirt - Sip Don't Suck Kat Kid SweatshirtSip Don’t Suck Kat Kid Sweatshirt
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