This Mother’s Day, Celebrate #OurOtherMother

For Mother’s Day, we joined the #OurOtherMother campaign to celebrate the incredible work of ALL mothers! 

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The #OurOtherMother campaign was a collaboration between children’s illustrators and parents who are concerned about climate change and who are committed to doing their part to help protect the planet.

It was an open call to artists and creatives to celebrate mothers and planet earth. To join in, kids, families and adults from around the world:

🌏 Created an illustration or piece of art celebrating #OurOtherMother (Planet Earth). Or wrote a message, poem, story or song.

🌎 Posted it on social media using the hashtag #OurOtherMother and tagged @katkidadventure @livableclimate @deartomorrow @climatemama and @ourkidsclimate

🌍 And they spread the word to create an outpouring of love and creativity for our shared home!

Proceeds from the #OurOtherMother C🌍LLECTION are donated to the campaign founders Our Kids’ Climate, ClimateMama, Dear Tomorrow and Parents for a Livable Climate to support kids’ climate education and climate parents around the world. 

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