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We’re collaborating with climate experts, who also happen to be awesome parents, to share practical, trusted advice on how families can connect with and help our planet!

We asked @climatemama founder Harriet Shugarman, what advice she would give to fellow parents. Enjoy this #EcoTip collab with @climatemama 🤩


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“🌸We need to plant seeds, literally and figuratively.🌸

There is nothing like planting a garden with your kids, whether it’s in a window box in a New York City apartment, or in a garden in your backyard in the country – sharing and showing the power of nature is amazing. We can use these occasions, as we are digging in the dirt, to plant seeds in our children’s minds of envisioning the future we want too.

🪨 Decide together on seeds that you will plant, – lettuces grow quickly in the spring (even in window boxes), tomatoes, peas and sunflowers take longer to grow.

🎨 Build your garden, perhaps it will be in a pot, in a box on your windowsill, or in a raised bed in your backyard. Jointly develop a watering and weeding schedule with the kids in your life.

🌳 Have your children create personalized signs you can add to gardening stakes so everyone remembers what is being planted, and where. Together write this information in a notebook and each year add new notes and new ideas as you plant new seeds. Take pictures to add to the book.

🌳Use the time together, as you dig in the dirt and water the plants to plant seeds in your children’s minds about our amazing planet and what we each can do – individually and collectively – to preserve and protect her.

Send us your pics of your garden as it grows!”


@ClimateMama is the award winning author of How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change.

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