Let’s Just Be with Nature, It’s the Key to Fighting Climate Change

This summer, get your kiddos outside and connected with nature with these 3 easy, artsy nature activities!

Make Your Own Bird Feeder

Key to fight climate change

A bird feeder gives your family the opportunity to observe the wonders of nature, right at home. Did you know, backyards with bird feeders have more and healthier birds than backyards without bird feeders?

You don’t need to buy a fancy bird feeder, our favorite bird feeder is homemade and uses a classic kid snack staple – peanut butter!

  • Smear peanut butter onto a leftover toilet paper roll, then roll it in bird seed made for your local birds.
  • Go outside and slide it onto a branch for your new bird friends to enjoy!
  • Then, bring out your binoculars and enjoy some backyard bird watching to learn about the local birds in your yard.

Make Rock Art


Rocks are one of nature’s oldest and simplest canvases to get creative on! They are easy to find and come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Plus, they make for a fun kid (and adult) craft activity.

  • Find some rocks in your yard or at your local park
  • Using water based paint, decorate, paint a picture or write a kindness message
  • Then distribute your painted rock art around your neighborhood and put a big smile on someone’s face (And because you used water based paint, you don’t need to worry about dirty chemicals leaking into the ground when it rains!)

Fight with climate change - Kat Kid Adventure

Stop and Smell the Roses

Whether it’s daffodils or lavender or whatever wildflowers you come across in your backyard, neighborhood or park, take a moment to stop, smell the flowers and then make art!

After you’ve stopped and smelled some flowers, pick a few to take home with you.

  • After you’ve enjoyed your flowers, hang them to dry.
  • When they are dry, carefully place them between 2 pieces of paper and under a heavy book. Wait 1 week.
  • Take your pressed flowers out and decorate a card to send to a friend.

Ready for more nature based activities? Start with learning about our Earth in the Kat Kid Adventure Post: Earth Day Edition!

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